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The music

„Aus einer Menge von unordentlichen Strichen bildet man sich leicht eine Gegend, aber aus unordentlichen Tönen keine Musik.“, Georg Christoph Lichtenberg.

The love to the music is what connects our team. The will to revolutionise the music industrie. The motivation to change existing bluetooth speaker concepts. Already as kid the music has a big role in our lifes and musical education was one part of our daily routine since we were in the primary school.

Everybody knows that a band which plays live has an unique sound. Exactly this sound people will memories every time. If you listen to the same band at home with an bluetooth-speaker you don´t have the same feeling. That´s exactly what we want to change. We want to hear music at home under the shower like it was played the first time. That’s the main goal for us. Now we are developing an bluetooth speaker which fulfills our expectations. To reach this goal we are working with electrostatic hifi-speakers. This type of speaker can produce music without any distortion - for real music lovers.

Typical hifi-speaker knows everybody from home surround-systems. This type of speaker is steady and fixed somewhere in the house and has an old technique which has no big development the last years. We want to be flexible with our speaker and with an advanced technique of electrostatic speakers we will bring something new to the market. Everybody should have the possibility to hear music without any distortion, because music follows us every time and everywhere. Good music, your favorite person and good music - that combination will emerge unforgettable moments. Exactly this moments are every important to us and they are the engine for our project.


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